Kickstarter Collections

We have three amazing collections available to purchase in our first Kickstarter Campaign. You will be the FIRST TO GET THEM and at up to 40% off our retail price.


PINK, not just for girls.

Our Pink Collection features a fun rainbow accent pattern and solid signature styles. Each of our color collections includes two hoodies, a tee shirt, leggings and joggers. Shop one color or mix and match, it works either way.

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BLUE, not just for boys.

Everyone loves blue! Our blue collection has signature items that will mix well with the other color collections. The blue tee has a special pop of gold making it a fun addition to any outfit. There's something for all kiddos in our collections, durable for all genders and activities.

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NAVY, not just for sailors.

If you have a kiddo that doesn't want to wear bright colors, our navy collection is perfect. Some items even have a pop of our signature rainbow pattern that adds a bit of fun to the classic navy color.

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Merch for All

If you can't fit into our awesome kids clothes, don't fear. You can get Lion + Owl merchandise to show your support.

Clothes Don't Have a Gender

At Lion + Owl, we specialize in creating stylish, comfortable clothing that celebrates the individual and encourages self-expression. Our mission is to provide a space for ALLkids+ to feel safe, included, and confident to be themselves.

2023 Best Book List!

"An account of raising a transgender child that deals with all the aspects you might guess it would, but with a special emphasis on love and acceptance. It reads as both guide and memoir, giving the feeling of a friend helping you without condescension or judgment. When reviewing this title for purchase by our library, I had to hold the book at arm’s length to avoid getting our new copy wet with tears. It’s a title that makes me hopeful for the future." -Ted Reidy, materials selector at St. Louis Public Library

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